Stephanie Sara jewellery is designed and created by Stephanie in her home town of Edinburgh. 

Simplicity is the key to Stephanie's contemporary jewellery.

Her inspiration started at a very young age; her beloved Grandad bought her the most beautiful ring she had ever seen - a pink ring in the shape of a bright orange flower which when opened revealed a beautiful little doll dressed in burgundy with long flowing yellow hair, blue eyes and a gold patterned hairband - a ring she still holds dearly to this day. From then on Stephanie's love of jewellery and, in particular, rings grew. It is no coincidence that nature especially flowers form the basis of so much of her jewellery. Sara is her Grandma's name.

Each piece of jewellery is individually hand crafted using traditional techniques in Argentium Silver, Sterling Silver or Gold. The pieces can either be worn as a one off or as part of a collection.

The ring from her Grandad influences the design of Stephanie's jewellery, as she likes to add a small touch of colour be it touches of Gold, cold / hot enamel and faceted stones or cabachons. Her pieces are often hand-textured - just like the little gold hairband on the doll.

Stephanie hopes you enjoy wearing her jewellery as much as she does in making it.

Stephanie is a member of The Association for Contemporary Jewellery and Craft Scotland.

She is a Jeweller in Residence at the Precious Metal Workshop in Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh.

Daisy Earrings

Sterling Silver Flower Earrings with touches of Cold Enamel

Keum - Boo Earrings

Sterling Silver textured Earrings with touches of 24ct Gold in the middle of each flower

Silver and Gold

A Sterling‚Äč Silver reticulated ring with a 9ct Gold ball